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Full Version: [CA11] Lighthouse 3/Fusion
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I am running a GS16 with Lighthouse 3 (Software Version: v3.9.46). I also have a SR150 Sirius Weather Module, and a Fusion MS-AV755 Stereo with a Fusion SXV-300B Sirius tuner.

Under LH2, I had Weather overlay from the SR150 module and the Fusion integration on the GS16 pulled the music from the Fusion Sirius module.

Now with GS3, I have weather overlay, but the Fusion interface on the GS16 is trying to pull music from the SR150module (which only has data and no radio) and not the Fusion Sirius Tuner. In the menu setup , it shows the Radio ID of the SR150, but will not let me switch it to the Fusion Sirius Tuner.

As I mentioned, this worked perfectly on LH 2, but is a bug in LH3
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum aurora37,

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. As indicated therein, neither LightHouse II nor LightHouse 3 software have ever had the ability to control SiriusXM progam selection within systems utilizing a SiriusXM SVX-300 Satellite Radio Receiver. Within LightHouse II, it may have been possible to command SiriusXM as the source selection for the entertainment system, however program selection was not supported when this source had been selected. Should one desire to control SiriusXM program selection via their MFD, then the Audio Output port of the system's SiriusXM Satellite Weather / Radio Receiver must be interfaced to the AUX IN port of the entertainment system and the SiriusXM Satellite Weather subscription must be tied to the ESN of the SiriusXM Satellite Weather / Radio Receiver. When desiring to listen to SiriusXM programming, AUX IN must then be selected as the source for the marine entertainment system. Within systems featuring Fusion equipment, the FusionLink mobile app will permit one to remotely control the Fusion entertainment system from one's smartphone or tablet.
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