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Hi I'm wondering if you can give me some information on a rotary drive.

I have a bad clutch and I'm wondering if there is a replacement clutch available. If there is can you provide me with a part number for it.

The rotary drive part number is m81136 for the 12v m81137 for the 24v.

Im not sure if the unit is 12 or 24v and i dont have access to look at it currently.

If the clutch is available can you provide me with both 12 and 24v part numbers.

Thank you
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Dustin,

You may determine the voltage supported by the autopilot system by measuring the voltage supplied to the autopilot's course computer ... it will be 12VDC or 24VDC. Is there a part number stamped onto a plate or printed on a label which is in turn affixed to the rotary drive unit which might aid us in positively identifying whether the rotary drive is a Type 1 or Type 2 rotary drive? That said, the part number for the clutch is N007 irrespective of which model Raymarine / Raytheon rotary drive is owned.
I do know that it is a type 2. I was just unsure of the voltage and the boat has left town for a while so I'm unable to check.

So this n007 will work on both 24v and 12v models?

Thank you for your time.

Q. So this n007 will work on both 24v and 12v models?
A. Yes.
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