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Full Version: dragonfly 7 pro transducer install
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Hello, I found a post from back in June of 2014 from an Erik Mengel that supposedly had pictures of his transducer install on a Ranger boat (since it has the step at the transom). Is there any way to revive that thread or retrieve the pictures? I have a Ranger and however it was mounted he was able to keep bottom contact on plane and at high speed. It would be very helpful in installing mine.
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While Raymarine's forum has move, the retired Raymarine Technical Forum has been left in place for the time being as a reference source. The old Raymarine Technical Forum's discussion which you have referenced may be accessed by clicking here.
Thanks Chuck!! For some reason, I can view the picture of the proposed locations at the beginning of the thread, but I do not see any of the "final install"......could be my system is blocking, but I will go with location "3". Thanks for your assistance!!!!
You're welcome.
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