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Full Version: [DG11] A70D memory card. FAT16 or 32?
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I am assisting a friend who has an A70D MFD that needs its firmware updating. The procedure seems straightforward but I'd like to be sure that the memory cards we're using to load the new firmware and to save the existing User Data are correctly formatted. Can you please advise whether FAT16 or FAT 32 is suitable. I have several 64 and 128MB cards available and have downloaded the instructions for the process.
Many thanks
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Paul,

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. When Raymarine had been recommending CF memory cards for such purposes, CF memory cards having a capacity of 64MB or 32MB which had been formatted with a FAT file system were recommended. Should you need further local assistance, it is recommended that a local Raymarine dealer or Raymarine's UK product support team ((+44) (0)1329 246 700) be contacted.
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