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Full Version: ST40 depth and new system (i70, etc)
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I currently have my depth sounder (part unknown) and it is displayed on the ST40 on my helm.

I am upgrading to an A12 and 2x i70s, and the CPT120 thruhull transducer - however, the transducer will not be installed until winter layup.

Is there a way to tell what depth sounder I have (since we know it works on the ST40 display) and if I'd still be able to get depth displaying on my i70 - or will I need to keep the ST40 in for the season until the new transducer is installed?

Thank you
You won't be able to get the transducer model number through the ST40, but you can check the back of the ST40 and confirm the transducer is connected to the back of the ST40. If you want to see that depth on the i70, that display is a Seatalk NG device and the transducer will need to be connected to a iTC-5 analog transducer converter, and connected to the Seatalk NG backbone with the i70 or keep the ST40 in the system and add it to the Seatalk NG backbone with a Seatalk to Seatalk NG converter .
Thanks for the replies. All seem to be expensive solutions :)

I think it will be easier to keep one of the i70's in the box, and keep the ST40 in there until the new transducer is installed.

Thank you!
Let us know if you have any further questions.
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