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Full Version: [CA11] converting fsh to gpx file
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Chuck, I spoke to you on the phone the other day about the issues I was having transferring my numbers.

I used the program from the site and the same thing happened. Only a portion of my numbers transferred. Still missing quite a few. Some of the numbers transferred without names and just symbols, the routes I saved were all jacked up.

Not sure what's going on but would appreciate your help immensely.

My email is kris.walter@scotts.com

Thanks for the help!

Please keep the file private
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Kris,

As indicated during our conversation, your Archive.fsh file was corrupt in that it contained a two waypoints having the same name. Such issues may be detected by deleting the waypoints, routes, and tracks from the MFD which created the Archive.fsh file, and then importing the data from the Archive.fsh file back into that same MFD. During the import operation the operator will be notified of such duplicates and given the option to create a new waypoint, overwrite the waypoint, or skip. In all such cases, I choose the option to overwrite. The same waypoint duplication was also encountered when importing the routes and was handled in the same manner. After doing so, the Archive.fsh file stored on the CF memory card was deleted and a new Archive.fsh file containing the waypoints and routes was then exported from the MFD. A GPX file was then created by Raymarine's FSH to GPX Converter program from this new Archive.fsh file and was tested within an Axiom MFD running LightHouse 3 v3.9.46 software. 921 waypoints and 4 routes were imported into the Axiom MFD ... this GPX file was missing several waypoints within the original Archive.fsh file. The aforementioned Archive.fsh file was then imported into a MFD running LightHouse II R13 software ... resulting in 1200 waypoints being imported along with the previously specified 4 routes. As the limit for Archive.fsh files within the FSH to GPX Converter program (and Voyage Planner from which it was derived) was 1000 waypoints, this is the likely cause for the loss of some waypoint data within the GPX file initially produced. The MFD running LightHouse II R13 software was then commanded to export this waypoint/route data data to a GPX file which was subsequently tested successfully within GPS Utility. The resulting GPX file and .csv file (may be opened with Excel) were sent to the customer.
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