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Full Version: [CA11] GS125, VHF RAY260 AIS not working
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good Morning ,

I have a GS125, I recently upgraded the software to the latest LH3 I have a RAY260 VHF radio conected to the network via sea talk. I cant see any of the targets on the chart plotter, Is there anything that i should be looking? I looked in the menu of the vhf and make sure the unit is conected via nma200
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Eddie,

Per our phone conversation, it recommended that you ensure that Ray260's AIS feature has been enabled:

Switching the AIS function on and off
The AIS function on the Ray260 AIS and Ray260E AIS can be switched on or off.
From the main menu:
2. Select AIS.
3. Select ON or OFF as required.

Additionally, with the built-in AIS receiver switched on AIS information can be sent to a connected Raymarine multifunction display using either the NMEA 0183 or SeaTalkng connections.

Note: If using the built-in AIS receiver and outputting over NMEA 0183, ensure that the baud rate is set to high speed: Menu > Connection > Interface > NMEA 0183 > HIGH
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