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Full Version: [LW11] How can I tell if my GA150 is working properly?
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I have an Axiom Pro 12 that I'm playing with at home prior to installing on my boat. I've never gotten a GPS fix from my home office, but when I plugged in a GA150 I did indeed get a location. But the Data Sources for GPS only has "Internal GPS". I THINK the GA150 is working - is there anywhere in the Lighthouse UI to see that?
Dear Keith Pleas,

Thank you for your post.

The GA150 is a passive antenna that is connected via a coaxial cable to the Axiom Pro, this does not send a data signal to the plotter to enable you to view it within the Lighthouse software.

The GA150 is using the internal GPS - it is antenna to extend the internal GPS, therefore it is the internal GPS you should be viewing.

Many Thanks
Thank you Louise - have a great day.
You are welcome.
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