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Full Version: [LW11] DATA SELECTION NOT POSSIBLE"GS165 Screen Message
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The following has been popping up (GS165 GPS/Chartplotter) :

"The following devices are preventing data source selection
E22158 SeaTalk-STNG - Converter S/N 024723
SPx30 SN. 0620110
Please see your User Manual for details."

I have spent hours going thru the manual and cannot find the above quotation and possible answer. Would appreciate a fix or tell me that my autopilot will need to be updated... Thanks..
Dear snfriends,

Thank you for your post.

The message is telling you that the converter and course computer are blocking the ability for master data source.

The converter will require a software update as this is a known previous bug. You can do this via the gS with an SD card or an online update, for downloading software for all of your products have a look here.

Is your SPX30 powering the STng backbone?

Do you know what you need to select on the master data source option? Have you got multiple GPS? or depth etc....

Many Thanks
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