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Full Version: [CA11] Navionics+ card and a98 MFD
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I can't get detail chart information using Navionics+ updated card on my a98 MFD updated with LighthouseII Rel 19.3 software. I've tried ALL the recommendations I could find on the forum and nothing seems to work. I've attached a screen shot of the chart selection and one of the chart screen with Navionics extended options not available.
I'm wondering if I need to upgrade to Navionics Platinum+ card to get detail?
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Please excuse the delay in this response.

It is recommended that the MFD's memory card reader be tested. This can easily be done by using the MFD's My Files (HOME->MY DATA->MY FILES->SD CARD 1) feature and your Navionics chart card. With the chart card inserted in the MFD's memory execute the My Files feature. Should any files or folders be listed, then the MFD would be deemed to be operational and is correctly reading the chart card's contents. In the case of the latter, it would then be recommended that the Navionics Chart card be removed from the MFD's memory card reader, that it be connected to a a computer's memory card reader, and that the Navionics chart card be updated with Navionics Freshest Data Updates.
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