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Full Version: C120/DSM300 No Data Source
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I have a C120 MFD with a DSM300/Airmar B-160 and am currently having issues with No data Source/DSM Connection Lost. It started out with intermittent DSM Connection Lost and progressively got worse. For a while, the DSM would flash an amber code 8 while malfunctioning. I have checked voltage supply (12.6 vdc), connection and pin integrity as well as cable integrity, to no avail. I now have a No Data Source with a momentary green flicker to constant amber LED status on my DSM. Also, in the fishfinder setup page, all of my DSM and transducer functions are now greyed out.
Dear Tombac3,

I recommend you send the DSM300 in for testing, you can book this in online via our website here.

Many Thanks
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