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Full Version: Joystick driving
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I've purchased Raymarine Autopilot for version with volvo joystick, from Jeanneau, as an option offered in jeanneau boat configuration. I received a boat equipped with raymarine e127 MFD, ev-2 without p70/p70r, Volvo Autopilot gateway (3889759).

Result is: No integration with volvo joystick whatsoever.
I ended with possibility to control autopilot only trough MFD application which is not really for every day usage.
More on this, there is no engine connection nor engine data on MFD data screen.

My question: Is there a way to integrate raymarine ev-2 with volvo joystick. If so, what is needed from raymarine and from volvo to accomplish such functionality?


Kind regards
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum mystors,

The Raymarine Evolution Autopilot would not in any way interact with a Volvo joystick, except to cause the autopilot to disengage (i.e. go to Standby mode) when the helm or joystick are interacted with. You may want to consult with Volvo on this subject.
Thanks for your valuable information. The same information I received from local Volvo representative, as well.

Regretfully, I bought something that cannot work.
Apparently, if I want to control Autopilot with Volvo joystick, I need to remove Ev-2 and get Autopilot from Volvo.

Off topic, but related to my initial post:
Successfully connected Volvo engine data with Raymarine e127 MFD Data screen, by installing Volvo NMEA 2000 Gateway (22813335).

Kind regards.
You're welcome.
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