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Full Version: [LW11] Connect sounder to WiFi?
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I have an axiom 7 and want to be able to connect my sounder to the navionics mobile app via WiFi. I see from their site that the axiom can only be connected this way via an extra bit of kit.

Anybody any ideas on how to make the sounder WiFi compatible?
And what I need?

Dear Garethmoore,

What Axiom do you have? Is it the Axiom, Axiom DV or Axiom RV? Is your depth sounder directly plugged into the Axiom or is it via an instrument?

You will need to contact http://www.navionics.com direct to see how you can get the depth data on the app. The Axiom can send data on NMEA2000 only, you will need a actisense gateway if you wish to convert NMEA2000 to NMEA0183.

The data cannot be sent over wifi from the Axiom 7, the wireless connection between the Axiom and the Navionics app is purely for plotter sync only.

Many Thanks

I have an axiom 7 RV, the sounder is plugged directly into the back of the unit.

I had seen a unit called a digital yacht sonar server.

Have you any knowledge of these? Are they compatible with Raymarine?

Dear Garethmoore3,

Thank you for your post.

Our Stng networks are NMEA2000 compliant, to network multiple NMEA2000 products together you will need to create an STng backbone, please refer to this document for further information and guidance.

Although it is untested, if the digital yacht sonar server is NMEA2000 compliant, there should be no reason why it would not be able to receive the depth data from network.

Many Thanks
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