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A most unusual problem, my AIS seems to depend on the boat next to me to function. If I am tied up near the boat next to me at the marina my AIS seems to function properly, I can see AIS traffic within the VHF range ok. If I go out on the bay I cannot see anything, also if I look at online I see my vessel but it says that the signal is provided by, as I said the name of the boat next to me.
My AIS has its own VHF antenna and I do not have a splitter. Any help would be appreciated.
Dear colbournee,

Thank you for your post.

How are you identifying yourself - are you using your MMSI number?
Please have a look on another AIS unit and not Marine Traffic as the web based programs are not entirely reliable.
What is your VSWR when you are connected to the ProAIS2?
What other vessels do you see on the ProAIS2?
What software version do you have in the AIS650?

What MFD are you networked to?
What software version is on the MFD?
Are they networked on NMEA2000 or NMEA0183?

Many Thanks
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