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Full Version: [LW11] Networking multiple MFD's
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I have networked an E7 MFD via an HS5 Raynet network switch to an Axiom 9 MFD which was designated as master. The E7 MFD keeps complaining that there is no data from the master MFD.

Are these MFD's incompatible? Any suggestions?
Mike Ide
Dear michaelide01,

These 2 MFDs are not compatible on the Raynet network. To be able to network multiple MFDs on a raynet network, they need to be on the same level of software to network together.

The e7 is only able to run Lighthouse 2 and the Axiom is only able to run Lighthouse 3. You could have the e7 as a standalone unit but you cannot network them together.

Many Thanks
I'm having an issue communicating between my A127 chartplotter and an i70 MFD. the i70 is supposed to be getting info from the A127 but I have no data. All is hooked up through Seatalk NG and backbone.

Thank you for your post.

Can you send a system diagram over? Have you got any transducers connected via an iTC-5? Can you explain what data you are are are not seeing on the A127 and the i70?

Many Thanks
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