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Full Version: [LW11] Raymarine element 9 update problem.
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Just received a new raymarine element 9. The first thing I did after powering it up was connect to my wireless network and began the update. It made it about two thirds of the way through the update and said error update incomplete. I went to restart the update and now it say their is not enough internal memory to complete the update. I'm am stuck at this point and I am looking for help?!
Dear Jobux,

Thank you for your post.

A way to resolve this is to put a blank sd card in the Element to provide the unit with more memory storage, this should resolve the issue. Alternatively download the update file on to an sd card via a computer and install via this method.

Many Thanks
I am having the same issue when I try to update my new Element 7 HV,
it will not update by WiFi and shows an Error when using a SD card.
how do I get it to update from 3.8.88 to 3.9.98 ?

I have tried both ways multiple times with no success.
Dear hookedfish,

Thank you for your post.

Can you confirm the error message you are seeing when this happens? This will help determine the issue as there could be other factors. Are you using a good WiFi connection to perform the update?

Is the sd card being seen by the Element? Have you used it for other functions?

You can update the Element by downloading the software on to an sd card via a computer, the update is available from our website here.

Many Thanks
Same issue here with a brand new Element 12HV. I had to cancel the update as the unit was connected to my phone wifi. When I restarted the update online download I had the same message saying internal memory is full.... The specifications say there is 8GB internal memory with 4.5gb usable on the unit.
Hello tibkit,

I some cases it's not possible to update software via WiFi, sometimes because the connection does not hold for the entire download period and sometimes a download error occurs in a very large software package. A 1gB package is zipped and can be many times that size when unzipped and take up even more working memory to install.

To install the 3.10.10 LH Sport update please download the file from Raymarine website and unzip in a folder. Copy only the raymarine_element-3.10.10.upgrade.iso file to an empty sd card and place in the card holder of the Element. From the Home page select Settings>Update Software>Check SD card

The software will update and the MFD will reboot.

Happy boating and kind regards
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