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Can someone tell me what is 'usable' range of AIS700 receiver with 'standard vhf antenna' installed 12m above water ?

My AIS show VSWR ratio 1.3:1, but i see only targets in 4-5nm range, i think it's to short.

Below are screenshots from ProAIS, marinetraffic and Axiom7. What can be problem ?
Dear Kr7,

Thank you for your post.

The AIS700 is a Class B 5W transmitter, which will “Transmit” your position to about 8Nm depending on your VHF antenna (note, fibreglass are less efficient than whips).

In regards to Rx targets, this will very much depend on what AIS they are using – older Class B AIS units were only 1W and therefore do not have the same “transmission” range as the AIS700. Therefore the range that you are viewing is entirely dependent on the AIS being used by the targets you are viewing.

Many Thanks
Hallo Louise,
I'm changing my vhf antenna on my sailboat, ( 18 mt mast )

Is the Banten vhf model 0009 a good vhf antenna for my ais 700 ais?
Many thank's for the reply
Dear toniocask,

Although we have not tested this particular VHF aerial, it should work fine with your AIS700.

Many Thanks
After Raymarine replaced my AIS700 to new one.

I see objects in range 10-14 nautical miles from 0.6m antenna mounted on 11m high mast, about 13m above water line.
Dear kr7,

Thank you for your input.

Many Thanks
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