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Full Version: [CA11] Dimensions of Axiom 7RV in optional metal trunnion.
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I noticed in the Axiom manual that one can replace the stock plastic trunnion bracket that comes with the Axiom 7 with a metal trunnion that looks more like the ones on the rest of the Axioms. This is part number R70524.

My question comes about because nowhere can I find the dimensions of the Axiom 7 in the metal trunnion. The plastic one is a bit "chunky" (dimensions for that one are given in the manual), and I'm hoping it's a bit more svelte in the metal one (plus it will match my Axiom 9 better).

Can you post what the dimensions (width and height) are of the Axiom 7 in the optional metal trunnion? I would be most grateful.

PS: I can't really extrapolate because while, for example, the metal trunnion adds 0" of height and 0" of width to the Axiom 12 -- it adds about 1.2" of height and .8" of width to the Axiom 9. The plastic trunnion adds about 1.2" of height and nearly 2" of width to the Axiom 7 (would sure like to pare that down - perhaps the optional metal one does that).

Thank you,
Piney Pete,

Like the other metal trunion brackets, the Axiom 7 MFD's metal trunion bracket is constructed from stamped aluminum which is approximately 3/16" thick. I have requested a drawing for the bracket and will update this post to include the drawing when received.
Thank you, Chuck -- I will keep an eye on this thread. I did see a photo of just the optional metal 7 trunnion online, but no specs and there is quite a variation in how much height and width the trunnion adds to the various other units.

Situation is that I can juuust fit two Axiom 9's side-by-side on my helm. That's great. But I think I might prefer the extra resolution, connections, and knobs of the Axiom Pro 9. So I'm trying to figure out if I could fit an Axiom Pro 9 and an Axiom 7. No way with the very chunky/wide plastic trunnion on the 7; but maybe with the metal one? Once I have the numbers I will know for sure.

You're welcome ... I just send a reminder to the program management regarding this earlier request for information.

See attachment. The stated dimensions appear to be in mm. Unfortunately, Raymarine has not produced a similar diagram showing the MFD within the bracket.

Thank you very much for persisting and getting the diagram.

I agree that it would be more useful if it were presented as the other Axioms are -- showing a sketch of the "final" dimensions of the unit in the trunnion.

But this does give me something to go on, and it looks significantly less bulky than the plastic trunnion that comes with the Axiom 7.

Thanks again,
You're welcome.
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