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Full Version: [TG11] i70 engine integration question
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Is there any way I can integrate my i70 to display basic engine information (tachometer etc)? I have a craftsman marine cm2.16 engine, and I dont think the ECI 100 is compatible, although to tell the truth I'm getting a bit confused, here, so I dont really know...craftsman marine are not helping much as to my query whether the engine can output nmea 2000 data, either....

Many thanks for any advice.

Based on the Craftsman handbook which I've just had a quick look at (https://www.craftsmanmarine.com/propulsi...nes/cm216/, the instrument panel that it's compatible with and the fact that it appears to be a marinised version of a Mitsubishi (non-marine) engine, I would be confident that it doesn't output NMEA2000. It might output J1939 (the industrial/heavy-automotive equivalent of NMEA2000 engine data) but there's no sign of that in the documentation. I am guessing that it's analogue-signals only. In that case you'd need an analogue-NMEA2000 convertor.

There's some good info and a comparison of different convertors at https://www.pbo.co.uk/expert-advice/how-...tter-59113 which should be useful. As long as the data is standard NMEA2000 we don't mind where it comes from, and don't test/compare specific convertors.

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