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Full Version: [DG11] Networking an Axiom9 to existing kit
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I am in the process of purchasing a Axiom9 to replace my old and now faulty chart plotter (Garmin GPSMAP 520). The existing kit I want to network to the Axiom9 is all Raymarine kit (240 VHF/DSC, ST60 Tridata)

I have put together the attached network diagrams but I have a few questions about their validity. My first choice is the simplest solution shown in the first diagram which involves purchasing a ST1 to STng conversion kit and a couple of additional cables.

My questions for diagram 1 are:

Q1. Will the STng backbone supply power to the ST60 Tridata and it's two attached speed and depth transducers.

Q2. Will the GPS data from the Axiom9 make its way to the 240 VHF via the ST1 converter and link through the ST60 Tridata to the ST1 port on the 240 VHF/DSC

If Diagram 1 is not valid I will ask further questions on Diagrams 2 and 3 which are the next options but more expensive and complex.

I look forward to your response.
Hi ktallent

Thank you for your enquiry

In Diagram 1 the system is best run with separate power to STng - as you have show, BUT run a separate and independent power to the Seatalk equipment, then connect the two networks, SeaTalk and STng together through the yellow cable, BUT cut and isolate the red wire in the tellow cable to isolate the Seatalk power from the converter. This then ensures the converter is ONLY powered by the STng and the SeaTalk power and instruments are kept independent, only sharing data.

The GPS data from the AXIOM will pass through the converter to the Radio

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