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Full Version: [CA11] Microphone connection leads
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I am doing an upgrade from RAY240 to RAY260 in the next few weeks. I have just had the software updated on a base unit which is new old stock. I was supplied with two handsets and passive speakers with 10m cables which have the split end to supply the speaker and mic.

One of the handsets is to be very close to the base unit, now I am understanding the connection cables differ from the RAY240, can you tell me the part number for the short handset adaptor cable please?

On page 15 of the latest instructions, section 3.2 it shows an extension cable without the split cables (unlike my own) and a separate short handset adaptor cable, the part I seek.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum developers,

Ray260 Handset Extension Cables (item 3 in the diagram below) were produced for the Ray260 in the following lengths:
- A80200 5m Ray260 Handset Extension Cable
- A80201 10m Ray260 Handset Extension Cable
- A80202 15m Ray260 Handset Extension Cable

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3324]

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Sorry for the long delay! I have now been able to check the parts I have. I have two R70166 which are described as Ray260 Handset Adaptor Cable 10m.

If I install these R70166 with the passive speakers I have can that cable be used to power and supply signal to the active speaker if I subsequently upgrade? There would be a redundant audio spur which I could cap easily enough.



Please note that the R70166 is a RayMic Handset Adapter Cable. This cable will not be used. Unlike Ray260 passive speakers, the Ray260 Active Speakers feature a permanently connected Y-Cable. As you can see from the drawing below, one leg Active Speaker's Y-Cable will be used for a bulkhead jack, and the other leg of the Y-Cable will be connected to a Ray260 Handset Extension Cable (A80200 5m, A80201 10m, A80202 15m).

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3551]
Thanks for the info Chuck, I'll have to decide on speakers now then. I had assumed as the handset can plug into both the R70166 and the A80201 it would be compatible. That's the value of the forum and you guidance.


You're welcome.
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