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Full Version: Adding second depth sounder to C125 MFD
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We have a catamaran with an existing thru-hull depth sounder in port hull. I'd like to add a second depth sounder to our C125 (2014) that would show depth below stbd hull. I'm considering use of a fishfinder that is in-hull to provide depth on main chart display, and show fish on the Fishfinder display. I saw a chart some time ago that indicated the C125 didn't support the fishfinder function (though it is one the menu page). I noticed when downloading the latest software update that there may be a software change to support the fishfinder now.

- Does the C125 now support fishfinder?
- Which in-hull transducer would you recommend?

I plan to the stbd depth display in a separate data field on the chart display. Please point me to the manual section to perform this function.

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Pete,

The ax5/cx5/e7/ex5/eSx5 MFDs do not have internal fishfinder circuitry. However, such features may be added to these MFDs by interfacing them to one or more of the following:

------ 600W ClearPulse 50/200kHz Fishfinder Sounder features: ax7/cx7/e7D/ex7/eSx7 MFD (or retired DSM30) w/compatible transducer

------ 1kW ClearPulse 50/200kHz Fishfinder Sounder features: CP370 (or retired CP300 or DSM300) w/compatible transducer

------ 600' CHIRP/DownVision Fishfinder Sounder Features: ax8/eSx8 MFD or CP100 w/compatible transducer

------ SideVision Fishfinder Sounder Features: CP200 w/CPT-200 transducer

------ High Power CHIRP: CP470 or CP570 w/compatible transducer(s)

When operating with the latest a/c/e/eS/gS-Series MFD software, the depth reported within the Fishfinder application pages/panes will always graphically report depth sensed by the fishfinder transducer which is supporting the fishfinder application page/pane. The Depth data item of Raymarine MFDs will be populated using the Depth source specified within the MFD's Data Sources feature.

When selecting fishfinder sounder module for use with an ax5/cx5/e7/ex5/eSx5 MFD, it will be necessary have some additional information to provide assistance:
- how deep do you intend to fish
- how serious are you about fishing (casual, moderate, fishing is your life)
- type of hull ... already stated catamaran ... need to know whether it is a power or sail catamaran
- type of propulsion
- hull material
- thickness of the hull in the desired transducer mounting location
- whether core material was used in the hull's construction

Thanks for quick response, and sorry about the mix up in responses. We have a sailing catamaran and I'm pretty sure the below water sections of the hull are solid fiberglass, probably between 1"-2" in thickness. My primary purpose is to have a depth sounder on the starboard hull. My secondary purpose is to add a fish finder (FF) capability. I'm not looking for fish below 100' since most of our fishing will be trolling while under sail/power. (I'm also not likely to turn around for fish unless we are under power.)

I am primarily interested in having both port and starboard hull depths show up on the chart page, but I don't think it would be necessary to have both on the fish finder page. We'll use the chart page for most of our underway periods and when approaching/departing an anchorage. We'll use the FF if we're serious about fishing underway, but more likely to use the chart page if we are making a longer passage. We never fish a night.

Since I'm primarily interested in in-hull transducer, I guess my options are somewhat limited. It looks like to CP 370 is the only current FF that supports the in-hull transducer, or will the CP 100 or CP 200 also use an in-hull.

Our last option is to go strictly with an in-hull transducer without the FF.



As the CP200 is a side-looking sonar, it is not designed to report depth and should not be considered for this application. Per the prior response, an in-hull transducer should not be installed in a location where the hull is less than 1" thick. In such case a thru-hull transducer would be recommended. You may want to consider installation of a CP100 CHIRP (conical) / DownVision Sounder Module and compatible thru-hull transducer (ex. A80350 CPT-120, etc.). Alternatively, you may want to consider installation of a CP370 and a 600W low profile thru-hull transducer (ex. E66014 B117, etc.).
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