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Full Version: [CA11] display system voltage on axiom 9
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I'm not concerned with sensing the battery voltage itself. (not willing to pay $200+ for a sensor)

Just want to know what the system supply voltage is going to my axiom 9.

How do I do that?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Ktisdall,

Supply voltage is available to be viewed within the Diagnostics of MFDs running LightHouse 3 software (HOME->SETTINGS->NETWORK->DIAGNOSTICS->PRODUCT INFO->SUPPLY VOLTAGE). The Supply Voltage data item may also be viewed as a Data Overlay or within the Sidebar.
I placed the system voltage data item overlay on the chart app in small font to monitor the house voltage. I read about a 3% lower voltage at the Axiom 9 chart plotter compared to the house bank voltage. That seems a bit large for a 20 foot one way run, assuming the Axiom 9 is drawing 0.7 A, although the voltage is well within its voltage operating range.

Q. I read about a 3% lower voltage at the Axiom 9 chart plotter compared to the house bank voltage.
A. The specified differences in sensed voltage are consistent with my own measurements within my bench system (13.6VDC measured at supply ... Axiom RV 7 MFD reports 13.3VDC and Axiom Pro 9 S reports 13.5VDC). Depending upon where this voltage is sensed within the MFD's circuity, may be responsible for the difference in level reported. This discrepancy will be noted within a problem report to investigate whether any improvement to the reported supply voltage data item may be achieved.)
Interesting. I wondered where the voltage sensing might lie as well. Thanks Chuck.
You're welcome.
Mine Axiom7 is also showing wrong voltage.

12.4 measured on MFD connection
11.9 on MFD

What to do with this ?
Meaby add some 'manual calibration' option ;) right now it is a little bit useless
(showing 11.6 when you have 12.1....)

The Supply Voltage feature was provided in response to customer requests for a crude diagnostic tool to assist in determining the approximate voltage level supplied to the MFD. This feature was not intended to serve as a replacement for a NMEA 2000 Battery Monitor (ex. Maretron DCM100, Carlington Technologies OctoPlex A1680-CE Battery Monitor, etc.).
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