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In short, my 'tracks' on my E 120 delete after a while.
Is this due to the memory getting full and purging everything to create more room?
I'd really like it if my tracks were not deleted every several weeks.
Any one have any idea on why this happens?
If it is due to a memory issue is it simply a matter of updating to a larger memory card?
Thank you
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum woehlerk,

Raymarine's E-Series Classic MFDs are limited to 1000 points per track. However, the E-Series Classic MFDs support saving up to 10 named tracks. When a started track reaches the maximum number of waypoints per track, the a dialog is displayed permitting the track to be saved and a new track to be started. Should the dialog go unanswered, then track points will be deleted from the beginning of the track as new track points are added to the end of the track.

Rather than leaving a started track on continuously, it is generally recommended that a started track be stopped when the vessel will not be moving for extended periods of time.

As track points are stored within the MFD's internal memory, any changes to the CF memory card which is located within the MFD's memory card reader will have no effect upon the tracks feature.
Perfect thank you.
I'll make it a point to simply saving the track going forward instead of leaving it on continuously, problem solved.
You're welcome.
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