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Full Version: cpt100 cone of vision
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I have a cpt100 transducer that came with my a78 MFD. I have a sailboat so I am going to embed it in fiberglass resin to shoot through the hull. I know that mounting is not recommended but I've tried it in in a bag of water and it seems to work well enough for my purposes.

My question is regarding orientation. Does the unit have a cone of vision that affects performance or readability? The best mounting location I can find for a longitudinal orientation is forward and a bit off center. I get bad readings when heeled over, I think it may be out of the water or close to that point. There is another location that is centered on the hull and seems to work on both tacks but it is a 90 degree transverse orientation. Does the orientation affect the information presented on the display?

Thanks, Charlie
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Charlie,

As you have suggested, Raymarine neither recommends nor supports installation of CHIRP/DownVision transducers inside of the hull. Due to the relatively low power output of these transducers, hull material can significantly reduce the performance of these transducers. These transducers are also designed to be installed parallel to the vessel's center line with its narrowest width oriented toward the stern. The transducer should be install such that it is level side to side as well as fore to aft with the vessel's waterline. On sailing vessels, fishfinding depth transducers are typically installed forward of the keel to avoid turbulence and other adverse affects from the keel.
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