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Full Version: [CA11] Type 150 Course Computer Compatibility
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I currently have a Type 150 Course Computer with a ST7001+ Control head which have worked flawlessly together since we bought the boat in 2011.
I recently upgraded the MFD from an A50 to an Axiom 12 and would like to change out the Control Head to a p70s. I have read the thread concerning compatibility of different autopilot products which, if I read correctly, showed the Type 150 and p70s being compatible.


When I began reading the current manual of the p70s, Chapter 3.3 does not list the Type 150 as compatible. Has something changed in regards to the compatibility of the p70s to the Type 150?


Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Brian,

The Type 150 Course Computer was the name given prior to changing it to the S1 Course Computer ... they are identical to one another and as such the p70S/p70RS/p70/p70R autopilot control heads may indeed be used with them as was specified within the referenced FAQ.
Thank you Chuck! This forum is a great source of information for Raymarine products along with the knowledgeable moderators who help us all.
You're welcome.
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