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Full Version: [CA11] Depth Transducer causing no data
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All of my 4 I70 instruments, though on, would not display any data. They only display three dashes instead of numerals, or no arrow for the wind direction. Would a severely fouled depth transducer cause this? What would be the cause? I replaced the network terminators thinking that might be it, but no luck. The SeaTalk lights are flashing green, and the power is showing a red light. See attachment.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Bruce,

Should an iTC-5's LEDs for a corresponding transducer be illuminated green, but be flashing, then it would indicate that the iTC-5 has not detected the transducer. Please note that wind and speed/temp transducer must sense rotation of the transducer's anemometer and paddle wheel respectively. Similarly, the depth must be sensed by the iTC-5. Accordingly, it is not possible to test the latter while the boat is out of the water or the depth of the water is less than 3' beneath the transducer. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing how to test the wind transducer. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing how to test the speed transducer. Please additionally note that Transducer set-up (MENU->TRANSDUCER SET-UP) must be performed.

Should the transducer tests not identify any faults with the transducers, then it would be recommended that the iTC-5 be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked / serviced.
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