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Full Version: SeaTalk Error Message
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I've attached a screen shot of an error message that I see when I'm looking to select a data source. I can find no reference to it.

Is there a location on the net or manual I can download to troubleshoot this?


Rick Segal
S/V Tessie Marie, Campbell River, BC
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Rick,

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject.]here[/url] to view a FAQ addressing this subject.
Hi Chuck,

So I read the FAQ and wanted to see if my translation was correct:

Yo, goof ball. You can't select different stuff if you have our stuff all set up and there's no other stuff to select.

I think that encompasses the general idea.. :-)



Not my words, but I believe that you got the gist the FAQ.

You're welcome.
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