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Full Version: [LW11] AIS Connection lost
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Hallo Guys,

i have a Brand new Raymarine System on our Sailingboat.

AIS 700
Ray 63 VHF with separate Handheld
AXIOM 7 and 9
EV400 Course Computer
4x i70
1x P70

The System Works well but not with the AIS700.
Round about all 1 or 2 minutes i received the Message on my i70 or on my AXIOM "AIS connection lost"

I can press ok or not. The System Starts automatcly again in seconds and i can See all the AIS Signals (boats)
But the connection lost 1 or 2 minutes again.

I have all updated to the acutally Software July 2019 for the Plotters and the erst of the System.

It is so hard to Sail if all 2 minutes the alarmclock rings with the Signal "AIS connection lost"

I don´t know what i can do more...

Do you have any Tips?
(both AXIOM and also the i70 are resetted)

Best regards
I have sent you a private email.
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