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Full Version: NMEA0183 AIS output from E95 chart plotter
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I have an AIS650 unit linked to the backbone and AIS data is displayed just fine on the E95 chart plotter. However I need to get NMEA0183 data for notebook software OpenCPN. I have an Actisense USG-2 unit and can read NMEA0183 output from the E95 (via Actisense NBF-3 buffer) succesfully on OpenCPN but there is no AIS data. For the time being I can read AIS data from the USB output from the AIS650 and display on OpenCPN. My question is how can I get one source of NMEA0183 to include the AIS data as well as usual E95 data?
Hello GSwannell,

A slightly different question to your other post, but for future reference we'd prefer it that you ask follow-up questions in the same thread so that other people can see the progression of the question and answer to a solution.

There is no simple, fully-functional answer to this question. This is one of the reasons I try so hard to discourage the use of NMEA0183.

A multi-speed NMEA0183 multiplexer is the least-bad solution. Disconnect the AIS's STNG and connect on NMEA0183 instead, and use something like an Actisense NDC-4. Alternatively, leave the AIS on STNG and use an NMEA2000-NMEA0183 interface such as the Actisense NGT-1 instead to get the data to the PC. Don't be tempted to connect the AIS to both NMEA0183 and NMEA2000 at once, and in fact be wary of connecting of connecting the AIS to the PC over USB and to DC power at the same time, as an unintentional ground loop between the AC and DC systems is quite likely if you do.

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