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Full Version: [CA11] Rudder Angle sensor with EV-1
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I am in process of setting up a new autopilot system on an old boat and am curious if we require the rudder angle sensor. The new system is comprised of a P70s, ACU-400, EV-1 and a type-2 gear drive. This is also connected via Seatalkng to the rest of the Nav system which includes 2 Axiom Pros, AIS and several other goodies.

My question stems from the difficulty in mounting the rudder angle sensor. The boat in question was definitely designed before they were common place and after weeks of poking around, we cant find a good way to mount one. The previous Raymarine system did not have a rudder angle sensor and I am curious the new one will operate without one as well.

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Most boats do not require installation of a rudder reference transducer when using an Evolution autopilot. However, should the performance of the autopilot not be satisfactory, then it would typically be recommended that the rudder reference transducer be installed. For maximum performance of an autopilot, it is considered to be a best installation practice to install a rudder reference transducer.
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