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Recently updated the ais650 software to the latest version.Now I am getting frequent transient alarms about ais sensor failure on the network yet the ais seems to work fine and I don't lose the ais targets on my e127 displays.The alarm seems to last only a few moments.
Thanks for an excellent forum
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Alan,

An AIS Connection Lost alert is typically associated with having more than one source of GPS data within the marine electronics system and not having configured the system to utilize a single specified source (HOME->SET-UP->SYSTEM SETTINGS->DATA SOURCES) for its GPS data. Alternatively if using an external GPS sensor (ex. Raystar 130, etc.) to supply the MFDs with GPS data, then the internal GPS sensors of the MFD(s) (HOME->SET-UP->SYSTEM SETTINGS->INTERNAL GPS) may be configured OFF.
Both mfds are e127 with internal GPS set to off.Interestingly when this happens the system sets it self to ais silent mode and when I try to turn that off it turns silent mode back on by itself almost immediately. All connections are.tight and clean at the unit.Have not done anything else except to upgrade the software.
Never happened before.

The AIS650 will remain in silent mode if its internal GPS receiver is unable to acquire a GPS position FIX using the passive GPS antenna supplied with the AIS650. The passive antenna cable should be inspected to ensure that it is undamaged and has been interfaced to the AIS650's GPS antenna socket. The AIS650's passive GPS antenna must be installed/located where it will be afforded an unobstructed view of the skies overhead.

The AIS650 will also remain in silent mode if the Silent Mode leads of the AIS650 are shorted (i.e. creating a closed circuit). Correspondingly, it is recommended that the AIS650's Silent Mode leads be inspected to ensure that any exposed conductors have been clipped off and that insulation, shrink wrap, etc. has been applied to these leads to prevent shorting. If so, then and then it is recommended that a PC running the ProAIS2 AIS650 programming/diagnostics be connected to the AIS650 and that its GNSS Status tab be inspected to ensure that its internal GPS receiver has acquired a GPS position FIX.
Thanks Chuck by the way I am seeing a solid.amber led on the unit if that helps.

Should the AIS650's LED be amber, then it is indicating that the AIS650 has not been able to acquire a GPS position FIX ... see the recommendations within my last response.
Is the resistance value of the GPS antenna of any diagnostic value mine measures 21-22 k ohms from center pin to shield at the bnc connector.?

Raymarine has not specified a resistance range to the passive antennas which have been packaged with the AIS650. Fault isolation is typically performed by Raymarine’s Product Repair Center or a Certified Raymarine Installer by interfacing the AIS650 to an antenna which is known to be operational.
Thank you
You're welcome.
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