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Full Version: [CA11] Lighthouse III Engine Data/Fuel Tanks
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Raymarine Pro Team running Axiom XL 16's with Evinrude G2's. Need to be able to monitor water/coolant pressure, not oil temp/pressure. I've customized the page below however the oil pressure gauge on the left of center for each engine is not able to be edited. Its a fixed field. I need coolant pressure here.

I added coolant pressure fields for each engine as seen however the port and starbord show as a vertical bar and the center is in decimal form. There is no way to change this.

Plz make all fields editable instead of having fixed data. If I were to have water pressure where oil pressure is, it would free up 3 valuable fields for other data sets.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3387]
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Mike,

Thanks for the product feedback. A corresponding feature request will be submitted to consider this featuring for inclusion within a future LightHouse 3 software update.

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Any updates to this feature request?

Negative. One may easily determine the list of supported data items from within the MFD's Dashboard application. By selecting to Edit one of the displayed data items, a data group list will be displayed. Selecting the Engine group from the displayed list will then allow one to drill down into the list of supported engine data items.
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