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Full Version: [CA11] AXIOM XL screen covers
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I have tried everything and the axiom xl 16 screen covers will not stay on. I’ve cleaned with deionized water and let air dry so as to not get any lint etc on the rubber and cleaned the screen with a microfiber. They will stick a little but always fall off by the next am. The rear of my boat gets full western sun in the afternoon through evening while on the lift. You absolutely must come up with something better.

Welcome back to the Raymarine Forum Mike,

Thanks for the feedback. Raymarine's engineering team is currently exploring possible replacements for the Axiom XL sun covers. No date has yet been announced for when such replacements may be available.
Have they designed a new cover? The covers that came with my Axiom XL screens simply don’t work.

Please accept our apology for the inconvenience which this has caused. Raymarine has been developing new sun covers for the Axiom XL MFDs. As the sun covers are being manufactured in China, this process of developing and testing replacements has been further slow by the onset of the Covid-19 virus. This project has been assigned a very high priority. When replacements have been accepted and are available to the public, this thread will be updated accordingly.
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