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Full Version: [CA11] Raymarine Equivalent to Mercury GPS300 and GPS400
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I have a 2010 Sea Ray 370 which has the Mercruiser Axius Joystick option. As part of this system there is a GPS module, Mercury GPS300 on the hardtop. This is part of their Smartcraft system which feeds their VesselView for the Axius piloting.

Question, does Raymarine offer a GPS product that would replace their GPS300 or GPS400?

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Unfortunately, I was unable to locate any information concerning the communications protocol used by the Mercury GPS300 or GPS400. While Raymarine's Raystar 150 GPS Sensor and Raystar 130 GPS Sensor (retired) support NMEA 2000 communications, it is quite possible that the Mercury GPS300 or GPS400 were designed to support SmartCraft communications.
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