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Full Version: [TG11] Email support
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I am cruising the remote islands of the Pacific, currently Vanuatu, and often do not have internet. I have a serious problem with the GPS on my Axiom 7 which I have submitted to UK support by email. My NZ dealer advised me to contact Raymarine AU as they would have to handle warranty issues, anyway. I sent a copy of the emails with the UK including screen captures to AU, but got a form response that the AU email address has been superseded in favor of the forum.

Is there any way to get email support from AU since I often do not have browser internet, but do have email via satellite?

Bruce Wacker
email on request
Hello Bruce,

We ask people to contact us via the Forum where possible so that we can answer questions once and - hopefully - have many people see the question and answer, since it's so inefficient and ineffective doing all support 1:1 (and frankly, so frustrating answering some common questions literally hundreds of times over the years.) We understand that that's not always an option offshore however, so do still do support via the email address you have for those that need it.

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