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Full Version: [CA11] Axiom 9 Rebooting
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I upgraded to the new LH 3.10 on my Axiom 9 last week. I also updated my wired Quantum 2 w/Doppler radar.

Although I never had any issues with LH 3.4.66 I followed the tech group's advice to perform the power off and factory recovery after upgrades to start off fresh. It wasn't bad to redo the setup and sync my Navionics to get my WP's and Routes back. All seem to function fine at the dock.

I took my boat away for a long weekend and was very disappointed with the performance. The Axiom 9 would randomly just reboot. Most times I was selecting a screen and it would hang and then just reboot on its own. I recall it happening when selecting radar and dashboard on a couple of occasions.

The reboot became quite frequent, without any under intervention, and most frustrating when I was entering a tight harbor and all of a sudden lose my chart and depth from my RV-100 while the unit was rebooting.

Upon reboot power up there was a message about an app that was not responding. I think it may have been Spotify which I was not using at the time and I would select stopping the app to allow the reboot to continue.

Prior to the 3.10 OS upgrade I did get an error from Spotify that my 8GB Navionics card is close to full and would not be capable of saving offline music. I would just acknowledge. Not sure if this has anything to do with rebooting issue?

Thanks for any help.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Will,

We're sorry to learn of the reported issue. In order to assist the engineering team in duplicating and then correcting this problem please provide the following information:

- We have received reports of such behavior within systems which had restored settings from a file saved to a microSD memory card within the MFD's memory card reader. Please indicate whether the MFD's settings had been manually reconfigured following the Power On Factory Reset operation or whether they had been restored from such a file.

Should the problem be duplicated following the Power On Factory Reset and should the MFD's settings have been manually reconfigured following the Power On Factory Reset operation, then the following would be recommended:
- a system diagram (hand drawn will generally suffice) identifying the makes and models of each of the marine electronics devices within the system (including computers / tablets running navigational planning / chartplotting applications) may be be requested to support an investigation. The diagram should additionally identify how these devices have been interfaced to one another.

- the system's Ethernet and SeaTalkng / NMEA 2000 device data (HOME->SET-UP->NETWORK->DIAGNOSTICS->PRODUCT INFO->SAVE DATA)




These items may be attached to a response to this thread. Upon receiving this supporting data, a problem report will be logged to investigate the problem using received data and to seek its correction within the next software update.

The system may then be downgraded to LightHouse 3 v3.8.105 to restore operation of the system.
I did do a backup of the settings to the microSD card to have for safe keeping prior to upgrade but I did not restore any configurations from it. I did a Power On Factory Reset and did all my MFD settings manually.

I attached my most recent diagram when I installed a GS25 heading sensor in June. Let me know if any of this helps so far as I won't have any time this weekend to get logs off the device before we are heading out early Saturday morning.

Thanks for the feedback and diagram. Based upon the diagram, the system appears to be properly interfaced in all but one aspect ... the power insertion spur for the backbone should be located at the approximate midpoint of the backbone's LEN load. That said, it's current location should not be responsible for the reported issue and it would be very helpful to the engineering team to have the logs from the system to seek a future correction. As suggested within the prior response, you may want to consider bringing a microSD card containing LightHouse 3 v3.8.105 to restore operation of the system until such time as the next LightHouse software update has been released.
Chuck I attached the logs you requested. I downgraded to 3.8.105. I did not leave the dock but I did have it reboot on 3.8.105 while on the sonar screen.

Thanks for the help.

Thanks for the requested data. A problem report including this data has been logged accordingly. Should you desire, I can send you a link to the LH3 v3.4.x software if the system remains unreliable.
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