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Full Version: [CA11] Old Nautech Limited Autohelm ST4000 control head died
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Can I replace my old ST4000 control head with the (still old, but newer version), used ST4000+ and keep the rest of the installation? My boat is very old, and I'm older yet, not wishing to invest in a completely new system. The fluxgate compass seems to work fine, but I will check it out anyway, the wheel drive motor works fine. When the unit is turned on at the dock, it goes through wild swings and then slowly takes the wheel hard over and stalls; failing to accept a 'standby' command from the keypad. I'm guessing the control head has lost its mind.

From what I find on the autopilot threads within these forums, it would appear that I can do so, but I am hoping for 'official' concurrence.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Randy,

Please note that the ST4000/ST4000+/ST5000/ST5000+ products are not simply autopilot control heads. These products function not only as the autopilot's control head, but also as the autopilot's course computer. Failure of a ST4000/ST4000+/ST5000/ST5000+ would necessitate replacement of the autopilot. Please note that the drive unit and rudder reference transducer which are currently interfaced to a ST4000/ST4000+/ST5000/ST5000+ may instead be mated to a compatible Evolution autopilot ACU. Should you provide the model of autopilot drive unit which is presently interfaced to the ST4000, then it may then be possible to specify an Evolution Core Pack (EV-1 CCU, ACU, p70S/p70RS autopilot control head, and Evolution Cabling Kit) which may be used with your currently installed drive unit.
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