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Full Version: [LW11] Axiom 12 and 9 software upgrade
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Have installed an Axiom 12 as the master and Axiom 9 as a slave. Have been successful in upgrading the Axiom 12 with new software 3.10.39. Unfortunately, the Axiom 9 displayed an error message "not enough internal memory".

As the Axiom 9 is only the slave, it has a free microSD slot available.
Can I place a microSD card into the Axiom 9, increase the internal memory and then complete the software upgrade.
Dear Billdownunder,

Thank you for your post.

Inserting a blank micro sd card into the card reader of the Axiom 9 will alleviate this error message by increasing the memory storage and allow you to update the software.

Many Thanks
As this is an old thread, i'm not sure its the best place to pose my question regarding SW upgrades. But hopefully you can help me.

To avoid the problem related to limited memory space in an Axiom 9 when doing a SW upgrade, could i use my RCR SD reader with a card installed. Or does the extra memory space need to be available only from the card reader on the back of the Axiom.

i don't need to do an upgrade at this point as i am running V3.11.42 now in my Axiom 9. But i want to know if the remote reader would be the solution for future upgrades.

Dear Captain Kirk,

The Raymarine card reader can be used for this purpose.

Many Thanks
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