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Full Version: [LW11] Raymarine nmea0183 vs. seatalk
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Good afternoon,

I guess I underestimated the complexity of connecting new and old systems . . .

I got a almost new C125, and would like to connect it with an autopilot, st5000, with a tridata st50, with a wind st50, and eventually with a sl70 radar scanner.

I thought it was enough connecting the NMEA 01183 in and out cable, but did not seem to work.

What should I do? Should I build a backbone Seatalk system? What kind of info could I exchange with the sl70?

Thanks in advance
Dear paolo0611,

Thank you for your post.

You will require a small Stng backbone and the use of the ST1 to STng convertor (this will create a small backbone), more information can be found here. All of your data will then share across the network.

The SL70 can still have the seatalk 1 data fed in to it but you will not be able to network it to the C125 as these products are not compatible.

Many Thanks
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