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Full Version: [CA11] Element series: are waypoints labels shown on the chart?
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Hello everyone, and thanks for accepting me in this community.
Straight to the point: I'm considering replacing my old MFD, a Dragonfly 5.7". Among other possibilities, I'm also seriously considering to stay within Raymarine brand, upgrading to the new Element 7HV.
A feature not present on the Dragonfly, which is very limiting and has been causing me quite many hassles, is the waypoint labels (i.e. the waypoint names) not displayed on the chart next to the waypoints themselves. This feature, which I deem essential, would help identifying the waypoints at a glance on the map, especially when many WPs are saved on the MFD.
So, now that I'm about to replace my old Dragonfly, the presence of this feature is a crucial discriminating factor for the purchase of the new product. Does anyone knows if this feature has been added in the new Element MFD series?

Thanks in advance. Tano
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Tano,

As you have indicated, Dragonfly displays do not support displaying waypoint names adjacent to the waypoint symbols. However, Element displays which have been updated with LightHouse Sport v3.9.98 or later software feature support for showing/hiding waypoint names within the Chart application.
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