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Full Version: [CA11] No depth data on Seatalk NG, shows up fine on nmea 2000 connected devices
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Hi Folks,
I'm finishing an install of i50 instruments (wind, speed/depth tridata, EV-200 AP) all networked together via Seatalk NG, with an ITC-5 handling the depth, speed/temp and wind wand.
There is a spur cable out to a nmea 2k backbone that exchanges info with a Vesper AIS and Garmin plotters.
The issue i'm having is that depth will not transmit through the Seatalk connected devices, but shows up on the Garmin network just fine.
i swapped for a known good depth instrument through the network with no joy. I wired the transducer to the depth directly and connected through the ITC-5, and the instrument would read depth, but the Seatalk network devices all still showed 3 dashes. When wired as intended the ITC-5 shows a green steady LED for the depth transducer. Bypassing the ITC-5 with the transducer connections verifies the transducer working.
I've disconnected the nmea 2000 spur to see if it's a terminator issue with no change as well.
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I figured out the issue I was having...The Tridata (and I think any depth/speed/wind etc.) is default set to master in the setup menu. Since i was using an ITC-5, it needed to be set to repeater.

I'm glad to learn that issue has resulted from an incorrect configuration of the i50 Tridata's master/repeater settings. Should the system feature an iTC-5, then the system must additionally include an i70S/i70 MFID. The latter is required to calibrate and configure alarms associated with transducers which have been interfaced to an iTC-5.
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