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Full Version: [CA11] SR200 app not showing up on Axiom 12 Pro
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I installed the SR200 and connected it to the network. It shows up under the audio app on the Axiom 12 Pro but the Sirius Weather App is not available. I have the latest update (Bermuda) 3.10.39 on the MFD. I installed the software update before the SR200. I do not have the radio activated for the app to show up?
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Unlike LightHouse II software, LightHouse 3 software does not feature a separate app for interfaced SiriusXM satellite weather receivers. Instead, an option for Weather will be listed at the bottom of the Chart application's main menu along with Chart options (SIMPLE, DETAILED, FISHING, WEATHER, TIDES, RACING). This option will be present if the system detects that a SR200 has been interfaced to the system, irrespective of whether an active Sirius XM Marine Weather subscription has been purchased.
Thank you for the information. When i tried to activate the radio online the only options available were audio, Activating weather was not an available option. I called the Sirius 800 number provided and they asked if i had a separate ESN for weather. I only have one number. Am i missing a second number or is the weather ESN available in the Lighthouse 3?

For SR150 and SR200 SiriusXM Satellite Weather / Radio Receivers, a single ESN (Radio ID) is used for both SiriusXM Satellite Weather subscriptions as well as SiriusXM Satellite Marine Weather subscriptions. This ESN may be found on a tag affixed to the back side of these SiriusXM Satellite Weather / Radio Receivers. The SiriusXM Satellite Weather / Radio Receiver's ESN may also be determined via the LightHouse 3 Chart application's Weather feature or via the Audio application. The SR200 is based upon a design which is more or less universal now to the marine electronics industry.

It unfortunately appears the SiriusXM agent whom you contacted was incorrect in the information conveyed. It is accordingly recommended that SiriusXM be contacted again to purchase a SiriusXM Satellite Marine Weather subscription.
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