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Full Version: [LW11] Axiom 7dv / Bennett nmea2000 Trimtab kit
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I can't see the position of the flaps (indicators flash 0% 100%) using BENNETT TRIM TAB NMEA 2000 INDICATOR KIT NMEA1 on my Axiom 7dv connected along with the Spx10 with Raymarine E22158 SEATALK 1 TO SEATALK NG Converter interface.
Thank you in advance for the help
Dear altair963,

Thank you for your post.

What revision of Lighthouse do you have on your Axiom 7?

How have you networked the trim tab indicator to the STng backbone?

The trim tab display will be show as a graphic top centre screen in the engine dashboard page.

Could you send me a system diagram and a screenshot of the trim tab data you are seeing.

Many Thanks
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