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Full Version: [LW11] Radar display
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I have a 4kw 18” Digital Radome connected to an e7 mfd. The software on the mfd is 19.03. This used to work well but coming up to Fiji from NZ we tried the radar for picking up squalls, nothing showed, worrying because of the number of squall we could see. Over the he last week I have checked all connections and the settings. I have tried the radar in an anchorage with other boats and high cliffs, nothing shows except what I would describe as clutter in a continuous ring at 0.5 miles if I turn the gain up enough. Nothing shows when I try to overlay on the chart display.
Any suggestions welcomed, this appears to have occurred after a repair to the display control knob/joystick in New Zealand.
Dear philtadd,

Thank you for your post.

Can you confirm the model of your radome and the software version on the radome.

Have you got your gain set to auto?

You can perform a radar reset and see if this improves your issue HOME> RADAR> MENU> RADAR SETUP> ADVANCED> RESET ADVANCED> RESET YES

Many Thanks
Thanks Louise,
I have just found this reply today!
The Model is E9219 0540307, network SeatalkHS, software1.04
Gain is set to auto.
I have performed the radar reset.
The icon shows a revolving radar but the radar screen shows no contacts or clutter there appears to be no sweep of the screen.
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