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Full Version: [TG11] AIS700 integration c80 not getting GPS fix now
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I have just installed a new Raymarine AIS700 in my boat as per table in your thread and interfaced to MFD using NMEA 0183. I subsequently changed c80 plotter system setup to NMEA rate to 38400, have green status light on AIS700 and can now see boat on marine tracker app. This is good, but the GPS data to c80 plotter and Ray55E VHF radio and Icom IC-M801E HF radio has gone. Also no AIS data showing on c80 MFD. MFD software version is 5.16.
Question: The Raystar 112LP GPS transducer associated with c80 plotter is still connected to MFD NMEA 0183 cable, green and white wires on steering pedestal mounted c80 plotter. As GPS fix is not working now, is GPS wired to correct place?.
Also DSC HF radio “GPS source” is wired to DSC VHF NMEA IN grey and purple wires. GPS signal to both HF and VHF radios is not functioning anymore. Can you help me with GPS and radio wiring issue please?
Hello Swish,

The problem here is that by setting the C80's input speed to 38400baud for AIS, that input is no longer compatible with standard 4800baud NMEA0183.

What you need to do is connect the NMEA0183 devices to the AIS700's 4800 input and output (in the same way they were previously connected to the C80's input and output), and connect the AIS700 to the C80 over 38400 input and output (you currently have the C80 input connected, but perhaps not the output.)

The AIS500, AIS650 and AIS700 included internal multi-speed NMEA 'multiplexers' for exactly this reason, and this is one of the advantages of having bought an AIS700 in the first place over another brand. The C80 will transmit receive and transmit at 38400 with the AIS, and the AIS will convert this to/from 4800 for the other devices. The AIS700's handbook calls the 38400 channels 'HI' and 4800 channels 'LO'.

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