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Full Version: [TG11] Smart controller problem
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Ihave a smart controller purchased in the last year, that I use on a racing yacht. It goes through a standard Raymarine ST 70 Autopilot controller, SPX Smart pilot system, and an LS hydraulic system. I’ve not used the controller much as I’ve usually been fully crewed. I have noted the battery life is limited, and from your site, I understand this is not uncommon, and I will need to change the battery. The screen has been a problem since purchasing. When turned on many of the pixels in mid screen area are dark or turned on limiting the screen view. Do you sell separate screens. If not do you have an Australian outlet that will check it out? Regards Jaa
Hello Jaa,

When you say that the battery life is limited, how limited? Do you mean change, or charge?
If you have either a battery or a screen problem on a 1-year-old Smartcontroller then you should get it back to your dealer or ourselves to be checked and probably replaced under warranty.

You can return it to our service centre in Frenchs Forest, Sydney, by booking it in for service at http://www.raymarine.com.au/view/?id=782.

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