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Full Version: [CA11] Learning assistance for E120 with ST70 autopilot
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Our new boat has E120 MFD and ST70 autopilot with smart controller (My previous boat had Furno) I'm really struggling trying to get up to speed getting auto pilot to correctly track Routes and Way points
Any links to specific training videos or online e-Learning tutorials to recommend? I've read the manual several times but just kind of floundering
Is there a support phone number to call to get phone support
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Tom,

To have an autopilot operate in Track mode, the chartplotting system must first be commanded to Go To a Waypoint / Cursor Position or to Follow a Route. On the screen of the MFD, a black dashed line will be drawn between the vessel's position and the waypoint or cursor position which is currently being navigated to. The vessel should be manually steered in the direction of this dashed line. After doing so, then steering commands and cross track error are communicated to the autopilot. Pressing Auto, followed by Track, and then Track again on the autopilot control head will cause the autopilot to steer along the course line which had been rendered when navigation was commanded. Some initial S-ing should occur as the vessel settles onto the course line. Upon arrival at the cursor position or waypoint, a waypoint arrival notification will be displayed on the MFD and autopilot control head. If following a route, pressing Track, and then Track again on the autopilot control head will cause the autopilot to steer to the next waypoint of the route.

Bennett Marine Video used to offer training videos for the E-Series Classic MFDs.
Raymarine Product Support may be contacted at 800.539.5539.
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