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Full Version: [CA11] LH3.10 Bermuda NEMA Diagnostics Help
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Wow - LH3.10 really improved the NEMA network diagnostics. A new FAQ on it's use (it's pretty intuitive) would be greatly appreciated though since the LH3.10 users guide doesn't have any info on it yet.

I was able to record network traffic without the special file on the media. However, I'm having trouble convincing the diagnostics to record to my media of choice. I have an Axiom 9 and the RCR-USB and leave the SD slot on the rear of the Axiom 9 empty (can't access it). In the attached screen photo, I had 8GB, NTFS formatted stick in the USB slot, but while I selected the USB, the internal SD1 slot stayed selected. In the screen capture I was trying to capture traffic only from the EV-1, but it appears the recording was going to the empty internal SD1 slot even though I selected one of the external slots (see ScreenShot003).

Next, I kept 8GB, NTFS-formatted SD and USB media and somehow, in about a dozen attempts, I managed to capture 30 sec of "This Display" traffic once on the external SD1 and once on the external USB. I couldn't capture specific traffic from the other instruments and can't recreate the steps that got me the two cool recordings.

Finally, the file name of the recorded NEMA2000 traffic was identical on both the external SD and USB media, even though it was two different captures: "nema2000_20190804_14. I thought "14" might be a hex CAN address, but "This Display" is addr 1. I have no addr 14 (hex or decimal) (see ScreenShot001).
Thank You as always!
Welcome back to the Raymarine Forum Dan,

To some degree, this doesn't surprise me. I would have recommended that a SD card be inserted into the remote reader to support diagnostic data captures. That said, a problem report will be logged to bring this to seek correction of this behavior within a future LH3 software update. In the interim, it would be recommended that a SD card be inserted into the remote reader to support diagnostic data captures until such time as this issue has been addressed.
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