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Full Version: [CA11] C Series upgrade
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I have a 2004 boat with a C120 chartplotter, ST70 autopilot head with x10 system pack and St60 tridata.

If I want to upgrade is it necessary to upgrade the entire system or could I integrate an Axiom chartplotter with existing ST units?

How would the existing GPS antennae factor in?

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Sea Clef,

It would indeed be possible to replace the C-Series Classic MFD with an Axiom MFD in a manner which would support interfacing with the items listed. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. It would be recommended that the software within the ST70 and SPX autopilot course computer be updated with the latest available Raymarine product software updates ... this may require that these items be updated by a Certified Raymarine installer or by Raymarine’s Product Repair Center as neither C-Series Classic MFDs nor Axiom MFDs are capable of updating the software within these products. The Axiom MFD, ST70, and SPX autopilot would each be interfaced as an individual spur to a powered and properly terminated SeaTalkng / NMEA 2000 backbone. This backbone would need to include a SeaTalk to SeaTalkng Converter Kit to support interfacing the ST60 instrument to the system.
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